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If you've been hit by a storm, we can help.  We handle tree removal, stump grinding and more.


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Professional Land & Tree Maintenance

Stump Removal

We can remove stumps of all shapes and sizes.  We can handle in-ground stumps as well as root balls from fallen trees.  We have all the necessary equipment to meet the needs of your specific project.

Professional Land & Tree Maintenance

Tree Removal

Sometimes tree problems are so severe they cannot be saved. We have more than 38 years of experience in Tuscaloosa and have a great understanding of the area and our local trees. We can safely and quickly assess the condition of trees and decide if removal is needed.

Trees can block houses and affect foundations, corridors, driveways, underground pipes or cables. Cutting trees down requires careful planning, careful logging, and expert preparation. We are known for our ability to remove trees quickly and safely while protecting the rest of the landscape and property.



  • We contracted Fanning Tree Service for a job after a severe storm hit in our area. There were several trees that were very tall and big that had fallen and made a disorder in things. David and Kim Fanning offered their professional recommendations to meet our needs and the project was successfully completed by a professional team. All the trees were cut and even took time to cut some for firewood for my Grandmother to have for winter. (no extra charge, just kindness). All the debris was cleaned up nicely and hauled off. The overall project exceeded our expectations and the cost was very reasonable with all the work they had to do. Everyone at Fanning Tree Service are very nice and we really appreciate their diligent work and we highly recommend them for any tree service job you need done!

    Jewel Hedgepeth & Dana Oswalt

    Fantastic Service

  • I highly recommend David and Kimberly Fanning Tree Service!!! I have recently used them to remove very large oak trees right beside my house and they & their crew did a fantastic job!!! I give them five-star rating!!! Very professional Business!.... If you need any type of tree service tree .... removals or trimmings, they are the absolute best people to call in town, very professional and very fair pricing!!

    Danny Lynn

  • We had three different companies give us estimates. Fanning was the most reasonable and the most professional by far. David and Kimberly, along with their entire team, were fantastic. They did everything: cut the trees, ground the stumps, and handled the roots. I can’t say enough good things about them! If you’re needing tree work done, they’re your guys

    Lindsey Brakefield

    Very Professional

  • If your in need of trees to be cut or trimmed, this is the guy! David, Kim and their crew provided an excellent service, very competitive price and did it in a timely manner. There’s no question these guys are the best!

    Adam Beams

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